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Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme

Posted by Gunes Saybak on June 20, 2016

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme
Current or Prospective UK Investors,  Entrepreneurs and other High Net Worth Individuals may also wish to consider further investment in the  Commonwealth of Dominica, a Sovereign Island country located in the Carribean Sea, under their Investment Programme.

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica?

Citizenship by Investment Programme of Dominica (“the Pogramme”) allows foreign investors to acquire full Dominican citizenship for themselves and their family members by making significant investments into the Dominican economy either by way of contribution to Government funds or Real Estate.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible for the Programme, an Applicant must satisfy the following:

1) Be at least 18 years of age

2) Have no criminal record

3) Have no contagious and communal diseases

4) Invest a requisite amount into either a Government Fund or an approved Real Estate

Changes with effect from August 2016

From August 2016, the new qualifying investment contributions will rise and will be as follows:

US$ 175,000 for a single applicant (currently US$ 100,000);

US$ 225,000 for an applicant and spouse (currently US$ 175,000);

US$ 225,000 for an applicant and up to two children below 18 years (currently US$ 200,000);

US$ 250,000 for applicant, spouse, and up to two children below 18 years (currently US$ 200,000, plus US$ 50,000 per additional dependent); and

US$ 50,000 for any additional dependent (remains the same).


There are a number of benefits to Current or Prospective UK Investors and Entrepreneurs. This includes:

  1. No requirement to need to satisfy any physical residency
  2. No English language requirement.
  • Travel numerous travel benefits to to over 100 countries visa free including the entire European Union, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  1. Commercial Incentives: Holding a Dominican passport offers entrepreneurs and investors with increased business and commercial opportunities whilst paying no-tax on all foreign income and capital gains.