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Extraordinary profit margins with respect to Home Office application fees

Posted by Ruken Sahin on July 07, 2017

The annual rise in Home Office application fees means that, as at 2017, the Home Office is making a profit of up to 800% on immigration applications. These applications are predominantly submitted by families and include those who are forced to reapply further to their applications being turned down due to technicalities.

An analysis conducted by the Guardian determined that there is a discrepancy between visa application fees and how much it really costs the government to process each application. The difference appears to be highly disproportionate. For instance, the cost of making a settlement application for an adult dependent relative  is currently £3,250. This fee does not include the Immigration Health Surcharge. The cost of processing this application is merely £423 leaving a profit of £2,827.  The Home Office claims that this measure is necessary to reduce the burden on UK taxpayers and it is very likely that the fees will continue to increase each year.