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Immigration and Employment Law – what can we expect following Brexit?

Posted by Nicola Suckling on June 27, 2016

Immigration and Employment Law – what can we expect following Brexit?

Following the referendum on 23/06/16 many residents in the UK feel anxious and uncertain about the implications of the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union (“Brexit”), particularly in the areas of Immigration and Employment Law.

At Descartes Solicitors we echo the Law Society’s position on Brexit with regard to the immediate impact on European nationals and their family members and on Employees from within the European Union which is summarised below:

  • The UK is still a member of the EU and therefore EU law and free movement rights are still in place following Brexit.The longer term situation will become clearer over the coming months and years as work is done to establish terms of Brexit.
  • A standard legal practice will mean that those who have already exercised their rights of free movement within the United Kingdom are likely to continue to enjoy this right and will not be required to “leave the UK”.
  • The law and principles of employment law developed by the European Union are unlikely to disappear immediately and are likely to be adopted into UK domestic law before the Brexit process is completed. It is possible, however, that some Immigration and Employment rights which are currently guaranteed by the EU could be removed from domestic law in time.

It is likely to take a great deal of work, and some time, to consider and to negotiate the final terms of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

As such, the UK is still an EU Member State, and it is unlikely over the coming months and possibly years that the influence of EU law will disappear completely from UK domestic law.

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