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Online European Economic Area (EEA) Applications

Posted by Ilham Malik on September 06, 2017

EEA and Swiss nationals can use an improved and easy to use online service to apply for a registration certificate or permanent residence certificate using the EEA(PR) or EEA(QP) forms. These forms are an alternative to the paper forms that currently run to 85 pages and 37 pages respectively.

The online forms were first launched on 1 October 2016 but have since been updated to allow non-EEA nationals to apply at the same time as their EEA national family member.

The online form has also been simplified by removing the need to provide a list of all absences from the UK for permanent residence applications.  Instead of asking applicants to list every trip abroad, the form now asks if they have spent more than 6 months outside the UK in any one year since their arrival in the UK.

Those eligible to use the online EEA application service are also able to use the passport return service through the help of their nearest participating local authority.  In order to utilise this service, applicants will need to complete the online application and book an appointment with the local authority within 5 working days of submission. The local authority will check the passport and return it to the applicant while they submit the rest of their original documents to UK Visas and Immigration. Each authority charge their own fee for this service.

There are still certain restrictions on the online application with the following applicants required to use the paper form:

  • non-EEA nationals not applying the same time as their EEA family member
  • a student or self-sufficient person who is financially responsible for any other family members or is reliant on a family member for financial support
  • applications based on retained rights
  • applications under the “Surinder Singh” category

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Descartes Solicitors can assist applicants by completing the online or paper forms, checking sufficient evidence of residence has been provided and arranging appointments for the passport return service with the nearest participating local authority. In addition, Descartes Solicitors have expertise in complex EEA cases and can discuss eligibility for permanent residence through a comprehensive consultation.  Contact us on on 0208 995 3556 or email us at