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Document Checking Service

At Descartes Solicitors, we offer one-off, no obligation, document checking services. These services are designed to provide an opportunity for our lawyers to review your documents to ensure you are legally compliant and to help you navigate seamlessly through the often complex UK legal system.

Document checking services may be useful when:


  • Submitting an application to UK Visas and Immigration and ensuring the correct forms have been completed and the right documents provided.
    Minor errors or omissions can lead to applications being refused
  • Serving a petition for divorce.
    Incorrectly completed forms will lead to delays
  • Small claims matters.
    Incomplete applications may have cost implications
  • Employment related agreements.
    Failure to fully understand terms may lead to a loss of rights


Document checking services are conducted on a fixed fee basis with no hidden charges or extras.

For more information or if you are interested in booking a document checking service, please contact us on 0208 995 3556 or email us at